Super Letter Linker

Super Letter Linker

This great game will challenge your word ability and speed
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Super Letter Linker is a good option for letters and word game lovers. This game is very easy to play and allows you to select a timed game or find all the words. The main objective is to form letters from the ones that game provides you, the word most be in an unbroken chain of neighbor letters. The main menu shows you a time trial or a find all trial game, see how to play, set options and exit the game. Options allows you to set sound, music and full screen. To control the game is very simple you can type the letters in your keyboard or you can select them with your mouse, press enter or left mouse button to submit your word.
For a time trial you must try to form as much words as you can in a certain period, in a find all words, time wont finish and game will last until you find all the options possible in the screen. To reach new levels you must beat time score or you must find all possibilities of words from provider.
Challenge your mind and practice your spelling, Super Letter Linker can be a great challenge for you and your family and friends.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Good word challenge


  • Scenarios are always the same
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